Syria:1 US Dollar = 13,450 SYP
Iran:1 US Dollar = 49,450 IRR
Iraq:1 US Dollar = 1,314 IQD
Egypt:1 US Dollar = 30 EGP
Saudi Arabia:1 US Dollar = 3 SAR
Türkiye:1 US Dollar = 27,5 TL


News about Syria

 Syria in Aug, 2023

Aug 1, 2023 Regional Normalization with Assad Fuels Catastrophic Crisis in Syria (Syria TV). The recent efforts by regional countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Jordan, to normalize relations with the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad have resulted in severe consequences for Syria. The country faces an escalating drug trade with the …

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 Syria in Jul, 2023

 Jul 4, 2023  On Second Visit to Assad, Jordanian Foreign Minister Discusses Political Solution, the Jordanian Initiative, and Captagon (Shaam). Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi, revealed that he is visiting the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Monday to discuss with officials in the Assad regime the file of bilateral relations, Arab …

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Syria in JUN 2023

JUNE 1, 2023    France: Combating Impunity in Syria is a Priority, and the Return of Refugees is Impossible (Syria TV). France’s political coordinator to the United Nations, Isis Jarrod Darno, stressed that accountability and combating impunity in Syria is a “priority” for her country, stressing that a dignified, safe and voluntary return for Syrian …

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Syria in May 2023

May 2,2023  Amman Consultative Meeting on Syria Concludes: Follow-Up Discussions and Key Issues Addressed (Enab Baladi). One of the points the Arab ministers agreed upon was the work to accelerate the implementation of early recovery projects.    Jordan Thwarts Captagon Smuggling from Syria as Foreign Minister Al-Miqdad Arrives in Amman (Enab Baladi). On Monday, May 1, …

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Syria in April 2023

Syria in April 2023 April 3, 2023 Israel Strikes Syria Three Times in 72 Hours (Iran International). Assad’s defense ministry announced the attacks without providing much detail. After the announcement of the first killed officer, Milad Haydari, sources close to the IRGC reported that a second officer, Meqdad Meqdani described as a military adviser, was …

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Syria in March 2023

Syria in March 2023 1 March 2023 More than 201,000 People Displaced and 1,733 Homes Destroyed in the Earthquake in Northwest Syria (Syria TV). According to the “Syria Response Coordinators,” over 201,000 people were displaced and 1,733 homes destroyed in northwestern Syria due to the earthquake that occurred on February 6. Around 63,738 people are …

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Syria in February 2023

Syria in February 2023 1 February 2023 Iran Relieves Top IRGC Commander in Eastern Syria After Israeli Strikes (Al Nahar). Syrian opposition sources said that the leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria issued a decision relieving Haj Askar, commander of the IRGC in the border city of Al-Bukamal with Iraq, from his post …

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Syria in January 2023

Syria in January 2023 06 January 2023 1 . Erdogan Calls on Putin to Take Steps in Two Syrian Files (Enab Baladi). The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to take action regarding the two files of expelling the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) from two locations in the Aleppo …

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