Our Projects

As we firmly believe in the intrinsic connection between the vital security and prosperity of the United States and its Western allies with the affairs of the Middle Eastern Region, our paramount objective is to equip U.S. officials and the American public with a comprehensive understanding of the region’s intricate political, economic, and social dynamics.


Our Projects encompass:


The Early Phoenix: A daily intelligence briefing curated by ACLS regional and American experts, unveiling notable events that profoundly impact U.S. interests. This product seeks to empower its followers with profound knowledge of unfolding events, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing landscape with informed decision-making.


The Region: An insightful analysis journal delving into the region’s events, potential implications, and their impact on American foreign policy. Through this platform, we aim to provide deeper insights into the complex dynamics of the Middle East, fostering greater understanding and informed perspectives.


Listen to the Voice of the People: A thought-provoking collection of in-depth op-ed perspectives on significant events shaping the region and their potential impact on US interests.


ACLS Channel: A dynamic social media platform serving as a nexus for the center’s research fellows and esteemed regional experts under “Listen to the Voice of the People.” Here, they engage in illuminating discussions on trending political, economic, or military events, exploring their ramifications on American interests and exploring potential solutions. Additionally, the channel offers the opportunity to interview key U.S. and Western policymakers or thought leaders to benefit the Middle Eastern audience.


The ACLS Internship Program: A groundbreaking virtual international student exchange program that welcomes a select group of undergraduates and graduate students from both the United States and the Middle East. Through hands-on research and analysis guided by ACLS research fellows, these interns embark on a transformative journey, building their knowledge of international foreign affairs and fostering cross-cultural cooperation through collaborative team efforts.


The Syrian Revolution History Project: An ambitious endeavor to produce a compelling single-volume narrative history of the Syrian Revolution from 2011 to 2021. Drawing from interviews with crucial Syrian actors, open sources, and official records, this historical account will mirror the esteemed 2019 U.S. Army history of the Iraq War, bearing the imprimatur of ACLS Director Joel Rayburn. The project will examine the Syrian conflict’s military, political, economic, governance, and civil society aspects.


Finally, the Syria Memory Project will diligently compile a comprehensive archive of documents and interviews pertaining to the Syrian Revolution, securely housed at a prominent US-based academic institution. This invaluable repository will be readily accessible to scholars and researchers, fostering a deeper understanding of this critical period in Syrian history.


Through these multifaceted initiatives, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing mutual understanding and facilitating informed dialogue between the United States and the Middle East, ultimately fostering a future of cooperation and prosperity for both regions.

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