Leadership: Joel Rayburn Michael Doran Rania Kisar

Joel D. Rayburn

Joel Rayburn

Founder and Director

Michael Doran

Board Member

Rania Kisar

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Research Fellows: Almoutassim AL KILANI

Catherine Perez-Shakdam

Branch Director Europe

Almoutassim AL KILANI

Research Fellow

Contributors : Anwar Al-Bunni Mithal Jamal Al-Alusi Muhydin Lazikani Khaled Shehab Aldeen

Anwar Al-Bunni

Senior Visiting Fellow

Mithal Jamal Al-Alusi

Senior Visiting Fellow

Muhydin Lazikani

Senior Visiting Fellow


Khaled Shehab Aldeen

Senior Visiting Fellow

Saman Shali

Senior Visiting Fellow

Partners & Affiliations : Hoover Institution Hudson New America Syrian Centre for Legal Studies


New America

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