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The Region

Is Israel-Hezbollah War Imminent?; Yemeni Government Proposes Plan to Neuter Houthis; Iran Proxies Strike U.S. Bases   As worldwide attention fixates on the seesaw negotiations for an Israel-Hamas ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza, the “war in the north” between Israel and Hezbollah appears to be on the verge of exploding into a full conflict, […]

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★ ISRAEL & PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES Gaza Operations Continue; New Palestinian Government in the Offing? The recent narrative on the Israel-Hamas conflict highlights the complexity and persistent challenges in achieving peace. Last week’s developments saw the Israeli army conducting targeted attacks in Rafah, despite ongoing talks of a ceasefire and a full ground incursion. Contrasting reports



★ IRAN Iran’s Global Arms Trafficking Is Increasing Recent events indicate the Iranian regime has stepped up its weapons developments and its arms trafficking in conflicts in several regions. Accused by western powers of being a global arms supplier, Iran denies selling ballistic missiles to Russia for use in the Ukraine conflict. Despite these denials,

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The Region

Iran’s Dominance: Funding Hezbollah, Summoning Assad, and Forcing Iraq’s Hand By: Rania Kisar ======================= ★ LEBANON Iranian FM’s Visit: Boosting Hezbollah with Financial Aid via Tehran Flights During a period of Israeli strikes that exceeded the usual skirmishes in Lebanon and Syria, the Foreign Minister of Iran’s visit was a necessary and calculated strategy to

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The Region – Israel & Palestinian Territories

IDF Seizures and Al-Qassam Counterattacks: Ceasefire Talks Stalemate, Global Reactions Shift   IDF Seizure of Hamas Facilities and Al-Qassam Brigades’ Counterattacks. In the recent escalation of the military situation in Gaza, both the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas have reported significant operations, each emphasizing their strategic actions and achievements in the conflict. The IDF

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The Region – IRAQ – TURKIYE – Egypt

Iraq’s Security Dialogues and Turkiye-Egypt Reconciliation Signal New Strategic Alliances IRAQ 1.Iraq-Iran Discussions Unfold: Security Agreements, Militia Challenges, and Notable Assassination. On Monday, Iraq’s Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani met with Ali Akbar Ahmadian, Secretary-General of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, and his delegation in Baghdad, expressing Iraq’s opposition to any unilateral actions by

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The Region – IRAN

IRAN Iran’s Dual Strategy: Military Deterrence and Economic Narratives in the Face of Regional Tensions and U.S. Actions   Iran’s Indirect Deterrence: A Veil of Fear Against U.S. Military Actions. Despite the Iranian displayed rhetoric dismissing the significance of the American strikes calling it ‘Belated and Failed Attacks’ and confirming that no Iranian Revolutionary Guard

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The Region – Yemen

U.S. and Allies Ramp Up Military Strikes Against Houthi Targets U.S. and Allied Forces Intensify Military Response to Houthi Threats in Yemen: A Comprehensive Report.  Friday’s military situation illustrated a day marked by significant military engagements and successful defense response. On Friday, the US Central Command  conducted airstrikes targeting a Houthi drone control center and

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The Region Feb 1, 2024

Iran Sustains Major Hits in the Houthi Front, Faces Setbacks in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Israel Nears the Completion of Its Military Operations in Gaza as Egypt Spearheads the Negotiations. By: Rania Kisar Analysis Summary  Iran is intensifying threats against U.S. forces, yet faces internal economic turmoil, marked by a falling Rial, soaring inflation, and

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