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Firm Egyptian Control Over Gaza Borders: A Resolute Denial of Israeli Maneuvers.

An Egyptian security source today firmly denied the possibility of Israeli control over the Philadelphia Corridor, which lies within the Gaza Strip on its borders. The source stated categorically that Egypt will not allow Israel to gain control over the Philadelphia Corridor under any pretext. He clarified that the peace agreement prohibits Israel from conducting any military movements in this corridor, affirming Egypt’s continued full control over its border with Gaza. The source also dismissed Israeli claims about arms smuggling across the Egyptian-Gaza border, labeling them as baseless rumors. He emphasized that Egyptian authorities strictly regulate the entry of aid into Gaza, in accordance with the mechanisms agreed upon with Israel and the United States.

In a related development, Egypt’s Minister of Defense, General Mohamed Zaki, convened a meeting with the leaders of the armed forces following escalating tensions on the border with Israel. The meeting focused on enhancing military performance and bolstering Egyptian national security, with a particular emphasis on combat efficiency and the high readiness of the forces. This meeting followed the Egyptian army’s successful thwarting of an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of drugs, estimated at 174 kilograms, near the Al-Ouja outlet in a region known for inspecting aid bound for Gaza. The operation resulted in one fatality and the arrest of six smugglers. This incident, which involved an exchange of gunfire, led to injuries among the Israeli army personnel, marking a rare occurrence on the Egyptian-Israeli border.

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