Syria:1 US Dollar = 13,450 SYP
Iran:1 US Dollar = 49,450 IRR
Iraq:1 US Dollar = 1,314 IQD
Egypt:1 US Dollar = 30 EGP
Saudi Arabia:1 US Dollar = 3 SAR
Türkiye:1 US Dollar = 27,5 TL

Egypt in April 2023

Table of Contents

Egypt in April 2023

April 3, 2023

  1. Cairo Supports a Comprehensive Political Settlement of the Syrian Crisis (Al-Nahar Al-Arabi). Egypt expressed its support for a comprehensive political settlement of the Syrian crisis during a meeting between the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, and his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Al-Miqdad, who is visiting Cairo for the first time in 12 years. In this regard, Shoukry reiterated “Egypt’s full support for efforts to reach a comprehensive political settlement of the Syrian crisis as soon as possible,” stressing “Cairo’s support for the relevant efforts of the UN Special Envoy to Syria and the importance of completing the procedures related to achieving national consensus among the Syrian brothers, and building confidence,” as well as the continuation of the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.
  2. Al-Sisi Visited Saudi Arabia and Met with Crown Prince Bin Salman (The New Arab). Egyptian diplomatic sources said the meeting between Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman would address regional issues, particularly Syria’s return to the Arab League during the upcoming Arab summit in the Kingdom and the implications of the recent Saudi-Iranian agreement.
  3. What Are the Repercussions of Raising the Interest Rate by 2 Percent on the Egyptian Economy? (Sky News Arabia Business). On Thursday evening, the central bank raised key interest rates by 200 basis points. The overnight lending rate was 19.25 percent, and the overnight deposit interest was 18.25 percent. Two hundred basis points also raised the credit and discount rate to 18.75 percent. The Central Bank of Egypt said that “the recent developments in inflation showed a widespread rise in consumer prices.”

April 4, 2023

  1. Egypt Recovers Former President Sadat’s Passport Before It Can Be Sold at Auction (Sky News Arabia). The late February announcement by the American “Heritage” auction hall of the sale of Sadat’s diplomatic passport sparked widespread controversy inside Egypt regarding how he left the country, and at that time his family demanded an investigation and prosecution of those responsible. The Director of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Zayed, revealed the details of the recovery of Sadat’s passport and received it for display in his museum, coinciding with the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of the Tenth of Ramadan.

5 April 2023

  1. Egpyt’s Debt Crisis Has No Clear Exit. Worse is to Come (Middle East Eye). Egypt is going through one of the most dramatic debt crises in history. As a direct consequence of the current government’s debt-fuelled, militarized capitalism model, the pound has been devalued three times in the past year, losing half of its value by January, as core inflation reached a record high above 40 percent.

12 April 2023

1. Egypt Denies Allegations of Supplying Russia with 40,000 Missiles, Citing US Leaks as False (Al Sharq Al Awsat). The Washington Post recently published a report… based on what was described as “one of the leaked secret American documents.” It claimed that “Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi had ordered the production of 40,000 missiles to be covertly sent to Russia, in addition to plans to provide Moscow with artillery shells and gunpowder to aid in its war against Ukraine.

2. IMF Lowers Growth Forecast for Egyptian Economy (Sky News Arabia). The International Monetary Fund has decreased its growth projection for the Egyptian economy in the current and next fiscal years by 0.3%, with the growth rate now estimated to be 3.7% in the current fiscal year and 5% in the next fiscal year.

18 April 2023


  1. Sisi: Prepared to Mediate in Sudan and Ensure Security of Our Forces (Sky News Arabia). During a Supreme Council of the Armed Forces meeting on Monday evening, Sisi mentioned that he had informed his South Sudanese counterpart, Silva Kiir, of Cairo and Juba’s willingness to serve as mediators for their counterparts in Sudan, facilitating a ceasefire and negotiations. He emphasized that the Egyptian forces were present per a joint training protocol with Sudan rather than to support one party against another.


April 19, 2023

1. Egyptian Students in Sudan Send Distress Calls to Return them to Egypt (Al Mayadeen). On Tuesday, local media reported that more than ten thousand Egyptians live across Sudan, at least half of whom are students studying in several Sudanese universities…[S]ome of these students spoke to the media and launched distress calls to secure their return to Egypt as soon as possible. Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Egyptians Abroad Affairs, said that contact was never interrupted with students and Egyptians in Sudan, pointing out that there are 5,000 students in Sudan out of 10,000 Egyptians who are there.


April 21, 2023

1. After Mediating Return of Egyptian Soldiers, Can UAE End Sudan Conflict? (Al Khaleej Online). Sudan’s military and political situation is currently marked by uncertainty, and there are indications that the conflict may escalate into a proxy war in the region. Reports suggest that the Emirati military has supported the Rapid Support Forces. In addition, The Wall Street Journal reported on April 19, 2023, that Egypt had dispatched warplanes and pilots to assist the Sudanese army. Retired Libyan general Khalifa Haftar, an ally of Abu Dhabi, reportedly sent ammunition to the Rapid Support Forces.

2. Egypt: Egyptian Soldiers in Sudan Safely Reached the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum (Al Hadath). The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the success of its efforts, in coordination and cooperation with the sister country of the United Arab Emirates, to secure the safety of the remaining Egyptian soldiers in the Republic of Sudan with the Rapid Support Forces and hand them over to the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum.

April 25, 2023


  1. Cairo Confirms Killing of One of Its Officials in Sudan (Al Arabiya). Amid ongoing clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the death of the assistant Egyptian administrative attaché at its embassy in Khartoum.

April 26, 2023

  1. Russia Eyes New Market Opportunities for Its Companies Through Egypt’s Gateway (Al Arabiya). Russian trade representative in Egypt, Alexei Tivanyan, stated that the Egyptian market is the largest in Africa and the most receptive to importing new products. This offers a unique opportunity for Russian companies to market and promote goods in the markets of African and Middle Eastern countries.


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