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Saudi Arabia’s Leap into the Future: The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium Ushers in an Era of Joy and Progress.

Saudi Arabia Launches Landmark Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium in Qiddiya, Signaling Economic Diversification. In a bold move signaling a commitment to economic development and innovation, Saudi Arabia has unveiled the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium in Qiddiya, a futuristic project designed by the global firm Populous. Situated atop the Tuwaiq Mountain, the stadium features an innovative design with a retractable roof and LED walls, allowing for a diverse range of events. Equipped with advanced climate control technologies and an under-stadium cooling lake, the stadium aligns with LEED standards for sustainable design. This aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aimed at diversifying income sources and creating job opportunities. Qiddiya city itself, aspiring to be a global leader in entertainment, sports, and culture, is set to enhance Riyadh’s economy and improve quality of life. Located 40 minutes from downtown Riyadh, the city will house 60,000 buildings and provide 325,000 job opportunities, contributing to an increase in the GDP by 135 billion Saudi Riyals and anticipating 48 million visits annually. The project reflects the Kingdom’s vision of moving away from oil dependency towards a diversified and sustainable economy, focusing on investing in entertainment and cultural infrastructure. This move showcases Saudi Arabia’s pursuit of stability and growth amidst regional tensions.

In the international arena, Saudi ministers attending the Davos conference expressed the urgency of an immediate ceasefire and growing concerns over risks in the Red Sea, highlighting the need to address the root causes of such conflicts, in a nod to Iran. Additionally, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan met with his Qatari counterpart Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman in Davos to discuss enhancing bilateral relations and the latest developments in Gaza.

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