Germany Reverses Harsh Comments About Qatar and the World Cup 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar faced some political turbulence in recent days.  In public remarks on October 27, Germany’s Interior and Sport Minister Nancy Faeser said that Qatar should not have been awarded the hosting of the World Cup because of Doha’s human rights record.  “There are criteria that must be adhered to and it would be better that tournaments are not awarded to such states,” Faesar said.  Faesar’s remarks prompted immediate unified  condemnation from the Gulf states and resulted in Qatar’s Foreign Ministry summoning the German Ambassador for the first time in years.  Faced with the Gulf countries’ outrage, the German government walked back Faeser’s remarks, and on November 2, Germany announced Faeser herself will lead Germany’s delegation to Doha to attend the German team’s first match.  A contrite Faeser made a quick visit to Doha and went so far as to praise Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup, apparently fully reversing herself. 

Presenting the “Desert Rose” symphony for the opening of the World Cup in Qatar will be Syrian American composer Malek Jandali, to be a message of peace to the world.

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