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April 6, 2023

1. Hamas Launches Rocket Attacks from Lebanon against Northern Israel in Worst Escalation Since 2006 (Axios).  

2. Israeli Iron Dome Shoots Down Most of the Rockets, But At Least Five Land on Israeli Territory (Israel Defense Forces Twitter Account)

3. In Emergency National Security Meeting, Israeli PM Netanyahu Vows Severe Response; Says Enemies “Will Pay a Heavy Price” (Al Arabiya).  

4. From Lebanon, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh Meets with Hizballah and Islamic Jihad, Warns Israel Hamas and its Allies “Will Not Sit Idly By” in Al Aqsa Mosque Crisis (An Nahar).  

5. Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister Mikati Condemns Any Military Attack Emanating from Lebanon (An Nahar). 

6. Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad Movement Endorses Missile Strikes that Targeted Israel from Lebanon (Fars News). 

7. Jordan’s Foreign Minister Says Lebanese Borders Situation is a Reaction to the Al-Aqsa Mosque Crisis (An Nashra). 

8. Israel Begins Military Response, Striking Hamas Targets in the Gaza Strip; More Strikes Expected (Al Arabiya).

1. Attacks Came on the Same Day Iranian and Saudi Ministers Met in China to Formalize the Normalization Agreement (Tasnim News).

2. Attacks Came One Day after the Israeli Defense Chief Said Israel Can Strike Iran Without US Help if Necessary (Al Arabiya).

3. Attacks Came A Day after Iran’s UN Ambassador Informed UNSC Iran “Won’t Hesitate to Act Against Israeli Threats” (Tasnim News).

4. Attacks Also Followed Iran’s Announcement it Will Supply Syria with New Solid-Propellant Air Defense Missiles (Tehran Times).

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