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Israel Concludes Intense Military Phase, Hamas Launch Major Rocket Attack.

As Israel’s Defense Minister Gantz presented the government with a war plan for the upcoming three months, the intense military operations in northern Gaza have come to a close, and operations in Khan Yunis are nearing their conclusion. The declaration of Hamas’s defeat in northern Gaza has led to a reduction in operations there, but Israeli soldiers continue to identify and destroy remaining Hamas positions. Hamas has reported on Al Jazeera facing Israeli incursions in northern Gaza. On the 103rd day of the conflict, reports highlight fierce battles in Khan Yunis, confirming ongoing clashes and escalating violence. The report draws attention to a surprise for both Americans and Israelis regarding the network of tunnels used by their forces. Al Jazeera’s reports indicate heavy clashes between the resistance and the Israeli army in Khan Yunis, with a focus on preventing the army’s advance towards Nasser Hospital amidst Israeli artillery shelling. Meanwhile, Israeli newspapers have announced the discovery of one hundred missile sites and sixty ready-to-launch missiles in Beit Lahia near the Israeli border. Palestinian groups in Gaza launched over 50 rockets at southern Israel on Tuesday in one of the recent major attacks. These rockets primarily targeted the southern city of Netivot, triggering sirens in the city and surrounding areas. At least one rocket struck the city, resulting in damage to a storefront and other property, with no reports of injuries. These updates provide a comprehensive view of the military tactics and strategies used in the conflict, reflecting the increasing complexity of the situation in Gaza due to ongoing clashes and shelling, and highlighting the escalating tensions in this ongoing conflict. On Wednesday morning, Israel time, Al Jazeera reported that Israeli forces raided the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. This incursion follows a series of Israeli military operations across the West Bank, including in Ras al-Jura, Deir Baha, and Al-Jalda in Hebron, as well as in the Kfar Saba neighborhood and the towns of Azzun and Kafr Thulth in Qalqilya.


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