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Armenia Aims for Peace; Turkey Grapples with 67% Inflation

  1. Armenia-Turkey: Toward Regional Peace

Armenia pledges readiness for full normalization with Turkey, signaling a potential breakthrough amidst regional tensions. Deputy Speaker Rubinyan champions efforts like resumed flights and border opening initiatives for diplomats, awaiting further Turkish cooperation. This advancement could catalyze positive shifts in the South Caucasus, notably impacting the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace dialogue. Armenia’s “Crossroads of Peace” project underscores its commitment to enhancing regional connectivity and stability, marking a significant step towards reconciliation.

  1. Turkish Economic Attempts to Address Soaring Inflation Rate

Turkey addresses its 67.07% inflation by enhancing trade with Saudi Arabia and forging defense ties with Somalia and Libya, focusing on maritime security and military strength. These efforts not only aim to boost regional prosperity and counter inflation but also solidify Turkey’s influence, particularly in Somalia against Al-Shabaab threats, and in Afghanistan and Libya through economic and military cooperation, despite not recognizing the Taliban and bolstering Libya’s military capabilities with U.S. support.

  1. Erdogan’s Diplomatic Engagements Boost Regional Stability

At the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, President Erdogan discussed with Kosovo’s President Osmani issues like terrorism and advocated for a Gaza ceasefire. He also met Kurdistan Region’s President Barzani, supporting the “Development Road” project for regional growth. Additionally, Foreign Minister Fidan announced upcoming strategic talks in Washington with Secretary Blinken, signaling a new phase in Türkiye-U.S. relations, following NATO developments and the F-16 sale approval.

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