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November 1, 2023

  1. Jordan Seeks Patriot Missile System to Counter Drug-Laden Drones from Syria. Jordan is requesting a Patriot missile system from the United States to defend its borders against drug-smuggling drones from Syria. The advanced technology used for smuggling poses a significant threat. Jordan emphasizes the need for collaboration to counter the drug threat, which extends beyond its borders, affecting Gulf states and other nations (Shaam).
  2. Arrests by SDF in Hasakah While Eastern Deir ez-Zor Witnesses Tribal Attacks. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) conducted widespread arrests in the countryside of Hasakah province while, simultaneously, armed tribesmen launched attacks in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor. The SDF deployed reinforcements from the Rmelan base in Hasakah to Deir ez-Zor, including more than 20 vehicles, amid escalating tensions in northeastern Syria. In response, Arab tribal forces carried out individual weapon attacks and fired RPG rockets near Deir ez-Zor, targeting an SDF military point. The situation follows a recent incident where an 18-year-old youth was killed by stray gunfire from SDF elements in the region. This comes in the wake of a series of clashes in which 19 people were killed in the region (Zaman Alwsl).
  3. U.S. Deploys 300 Additional Troops to Support Forces in the Region. The U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) has announced its intention to deploy an additional 300 American soldiers in the U.S. Central Command’s operational area. These troops will provide capabilities in defusing explosive ordnance, communications, and other support tasks to complement existing forces in the region. The deployment aims to support regional deterrence efforts and enhance the protection of U.S. forces (Enab Baladi). 
  4. U.S. Forces Thwart New Attack on Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria. According to an Iraqi government source, the U.S. military has thwarted a recent attack on the Al-Tanf American base in eastern Syria. The source reported that U.S. forces intercepted two drones aiming to target the Al-Tanf base located near the tri-border area (Syria, Jordan, Iraq) in eastern Homs. This follows the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” militia’s claim of launching drone attacks on the same base and similar incidents targeting U.S. bases in Syria and Iraq in recent weeks, which they attribute to Israeli aggression in Gaza (Syria TV).


November 2, 2023

  1. Alarming Civilian Casualties in Syria during October 2023. The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented 161 civilian deaths in Syria in October 2023, with 49% being children and women. The report highlights civilian deaths at the hands of various parties, with particular emphasis on the use of remote detonations targeting densely populated areas, constituting clear violations of international law and the Geneva Convention (Zaman Alwsl).
  2. Iran Suspends Flights to Latakia Airport Amid Aleppo and Damascus Airport Closures. Iran has suspended flights to Latakia International Airport due to the repeated Israeli airstrikes and the ongoing closure of Aleppo and Damascus international airports. Security forces in Syria are yet to allow airlines to operate flights to the country. The issue with these busy airports is not expected to be resolved in the coming ten days, according to Iranian media. Unauthorized caravans are announcing and registering trips to religious sites in Damascus. The Iranian Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization previously suspended Iranian visitors’ trips to Syria due to regional conflicts (Shaam).
  3. Russian Patrols Return to Syria’s Golan Heights Border. Russian patrols have returned to southern Syria near the Golan Heights after an absence of over a year. They conducted a patrol near the border with the occupied territories, visiting military positions in the region. Russian patrols had been absent from the area since mid-2021. Their return coincides with ongoing military movements by militias believed to be affiliated with Iran and Hezbollah (Enab Baladi).


November 3, 2023

  1. Intelligence Reports Suggest Assad to Supply Russian Missiles to Hezbollah via Wagner. US intelligence reveals that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has approved the supply of Russian air defense missiles, the SA-22 system known as “Pantsir,” to Lebanese Hezbollah through the Russian Wagner group. Concerns arise regarding increased cooperation between Hezbollah and Wagner in Syria. (Syria TV).
  2. Turkish Artillery Shelling Continues in Abu Rasin amid Civilian Displacement. Turkish forces and their allied factions within the “Peace Spring” area persist in artillery shelling on the town of Abu Rasin and villages like Rabeat, Al Khedrawi, Al Assadieh, and Al Bubi in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in northwestern Al-Hasakah. Civilian displacement is ongoing due to the indiscriminate shelling (SHR).


November 6, 2023

  1. Russia Allows Iranian Aircraft Access to Hmeimim Base, Israel Suspends Pre-Strike Notifications. Russia has granted Iranian aircraft access to its Hmeimim airbase in Syria for arms transport, following Israeli strikes on Aleppo and Damascus airports. Israel has halted pre-strike notifications to Russia due to escalating tensions, affecting their strained relations. Russia expressed concern about the situation and called for avoiding external intervention in the Middle East amid increased Israeli airstrikes on Syria (Halab Today TV).
  2. Human Rights Watch: Syrian Regime Continues Use of Banned Cluster Munitions and Incendiary Weapons in Northwest Syria. Human Rights Watch reports that the Syrian regime is using cluster munitions and internationally prohibited incendiary weapons in its widespread shelling of residential areas in northwest Syria. These attacks have caused civilian casualties, including children, and significant damage to essential infrastructure, such as healthcare facilities and schools (Syria TV).
  3. Russia: Israel Doesn’t Always Notify Before Syria Strikes. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, revealed that Israel doesn’t always notify Moscow before launching its strikes on Syria. He emphasized Russia’s concern about these attacks and lack of coordination, particularly on civilian airports in Damascus and Aleppo. The situation contributes to already strained Israel-Russia relations (Shaam).
  4. Iranian Militia Targets U.S. Base in Northeastern Syria. The “Islamic Resistance” militia in Iraq announced launching rocket attacks on the U.S. military base “Kharab al-Jeer” in northeastern Syria, marking another in a series of recent attacks. The U.S. has faced multiple attacks in Iraq and Syria, and experts suggest that the failure of U.S. deterrence against Iran is due to a lack of a comprehensive strategy to counter Iranian influence in the region (Shaam).
  5. Suicide March Targets Iranian Consulate in Aleppo. A suicide march targeted the Iranian consulate in Aleppo, causing four injuries in the surrounding area. This marks the first attack of its kind on the Iranian consulate in Aleppo since the Hamas-Israel war, as tensions continue to rise in Syria and Iraq (North Press).
  6. Billions in Corruption Unveiled in Syrian Phosphate Files. Following corruption revelations at border crossings, investigations have uncovered corruption involving billions of Syrian pounds in the phosphate industry. The Syrian government is cracking down on fraud in the state-owned geological institution, specifically in the phosphate sector, arresting individuals and recovering substantial sums. The investigations revealed fraud related to the phosphate trade, with contracts being falsified and quality specifications manipulated, resulting in the unauthorized export of phosphate, exploiting a fixed exchange rate of 400 Syrian pounds to the US dollar (Syria TV).


November 7, 2023

  1. Al-Mekdad Arrives in Riyadh for Emergency Summit. Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mekdad is in Riyadh to prepare for the upcoming Arab emergency summit that will discuss the situation in Gaza (Syria TV).
  2. Civilian Casualties in Idlib as Schools Dismiss Amid Regime and Russian Shelling. Civilians in Idlib were killed and injured in artillery and aerial bombardments by Syrian regime and Russian forces, coinciding with school dismissal. The attacks have resulted in a dire humanitarian situation, with hundreds of displaced civilians facing harsh winter conditions in poorly-equipped camps (Syria TV).
  3. Turkey’s Ongoing Border Security Measures with Syria. Turkey has continuously enforced strict border security measures, including a concrete wall, advanced technology systems, and increased military presence along its 911-kilometer border with Syria. These efforts aim to combat illegal migration and smuggling, as well as protect against potential security threats. The measures have led to a significant reduction in unauthorized border crossings and increased border control (Enab Baladi).
  4. SDF Establishes Military Points on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates River. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have begun setting up military points on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, opposite areas under Syrian government control in Deir ez-Zor. This move coincides with increased attacks that the SDF claims are supported by the government. The SDF aims to strengthen border security and counter smuggling activities in response to ongoing security challenges (Enab Baladi).


November 8, 2023

  1. The Syrian theater of conflict remains fraught with human rights concerns as Human Rights Watch (HRW) casts a spotlight on the Syrian regime’s use of cluster munitions in Idlib. Supported by Russian forces, this campaign has inflicted harm upon the civilian populace, igniting discourse on the urgent need for a ban on such weapons due to their indiscriminate nature and the enduring dangers they pose (MEM).
  2. The dynamics of U.S. military operations have further evolved in response to heightened threats from Iran-aligned militias. In a move reflective of the escalating regional tension, U.S. patrols in northeastern Syria have been halted, prioritizing the protection of logistical movements and reinforcing coalition bases. This adjustment reflects the precariousness of the situation, with an uptick in aggression posing a stark challenge against the backdrop of the Gaza hostilities (Syria TV).
  3. Within Syria’s own borders, the volatility continues unabated. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have engaged in lethal confrontations with pro-Assad militias, resulting in fatalities and a spate of arrests in areas like Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. This internal strife is mirrored by the targeting of opposition-held territories by pro-regime forces, further stoking the fires of a conflict far from resolution (Orient).
  4. The specter of ISIS looms large as well, with recent attacks by the group claiming the lives of 30 members of the Syrian military, including a significant number from the National Defense Forces. In retaliation, Russian air power has been brought to bear on ISIS positions, leading to additional militant casualties. The toll of the ongoing operations in the Syrian Badia underscores the relentless nature of the conflict, with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reporting a significant number of fatalities (Alhadath).


November 9, 2023

  1. U.S. House Committee Passes ‘Captagon 2’ Bill to Sanction Assad Regime’s Drug Network. The U.S. Congress introduced a bill to impose sanctions on individuals linked to the Captagon drug trade, directly pressuring the Assad regime and its affiliates, who reportedly earn $5.7 billion annually from this illicit business. The ‘Captagon 2’ bill mandates the U.S. President to evaluate sanctions within six months against key figures linked to the Syrian regime’s drug trade, including Maher al-Assad and seven others, intensifying the crackdown on Captagon trafficking. The ‘Captagon 2’ bill compels the U.S. administration to consider sanctions against Syrian regime affiliates within six months, including Maher al-Assad. A report to Congress is due within 30 days post-decision. The bill highlights the vast Captagon production under regime control as a threat to regional and global security (Sham News).
  2. US Strikes IRGC-linked Site in Syria Following Attacks. In response to assaults on American forces, US F-15s targeted an IRGC-affiliated weapons storage in Syria. The Pentagon emphasized its commitment to defending US personnel and interests, signaling readiness for further action to deter aggression from Iran-backed groups. Russian media platform, Sputnik, reported that according to their sources on ground, the American strikes were targeted towards a bakery and empty warehouses (Iran International).
  3. Israeli Strikes Hit Military Sites in Southern Syria. Israel conducted an aerial assault on military targets in southern Syria, resulting in material damages. The operation, which involved missiles launched over Lebanon, struck air defense and radar stations. This action continues Israel’s long-standing policy of targeting sites associated with Iranian influence in the region (Syria TV).


November 10, 2023

  1. Trial of Syrian War Criminal Scheduled in The Hague. A significant trial is set to commence on November 30, 2023, in The Hague, Netherlands, focusing on war crimes committed in Syria. The accused, M.D., a member of the Liwa al-Quds militia allied with the Syrian regime, was arrested by Dutch police in May 2022. Liwa al-Quds, originating from the Neirab Palestinian refugee camp near Aleppo, has been closely working with Syrian intelligence and armed forces. The case involves the January 2013 arrest of a civilian from the Neirab camp, who was reportedly subjected to ill-treatment and torture in Syrian Air Force Intelligence prison. The Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research has been instrumental in gathering testimony and evidence for the trial, which is expected to shed light on the broader issue of human rights violations during the Syrian conflict (Dstouria). 
  2. Assad to Attend Emergency Arab Summit on Gaza in Riyadh. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is set to participate in the emergency Arab summit scheduled for Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This summit, an extraordinary session of the Arab League Council, aims to discuss and devise strategies to address the ongoing escalation in the Palestinian territories. The announcement from the Syrian presidency, shared on their official accounts, confirms Assad’s involvement in these crucial discussions. This development follows Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Miqdad’s attendance at the preparatory meeting of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level in Riyadh (North Press).
  3. Syrian Intelligence Officials Arrested for Alleged Ties with Israel. Syrian Military Intelligence, especially the Sa’sa branch, witnessed a major shakeup amid allegations of cooperation with Israeli intelligence, as reported by Israeli journalist Aydi Cohen. President Bashar al-Assad’s regime responded by arresting numerous branch officers, including its head. These developments align with Cohen’s previous claims about Assad’s regime protecting Israeli borders and resisting regime change. Asaad Al-Zoubi, a political analyst, questioned the regime’s involvement in a Military College bombing and subsequent actions. In parallel, the regime initiated an anti-corruption campaign, leading to multiple arrests and investigations, revealing deeper issues within the regime (Shaam News). 
  4. SDF Cadres, Including Leaders, Killed in Manbij Explosion. An explosion at the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Youth Council headquarters in Manbij, east of Aleppo, caused casualties, including fatalities and injuries among SDF members. The blast also inflicted significant damage to the building. The exact cause remains uncertain, but speculation suggests a potential Turkish drone strike during a military meeting. This incident follows a series of similar attacks in the region, including one that killed three SDF military figures. Northern Syria, under SDF control, has seen frequent airstrikes, resulting in casualties among their ranks (Shaam News). 
  5. Damascus Official Reports Public Drug Trade in City Market. Jalal Qasas from the Damascus Governorate Council revealed widespread drug sales in Damascus’s bird market, causing public disturbances and safety concerns. Efforts are underway to regulate the market and possibly relocate it to reduce these issues. Despite the Syrian regime’s anti-drug stance, reports suggest regime complicity in the drug trade, especially in areas under its control (Shaam News).
  6. Suwayda Continues Anti-Regime Protests for 11th Consecutive Friday. Hundreds in Suwayda, Syria, continued their demonstrations for the 11th Friday in a row, demanding the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The latest protest saw the participation of doctors and health workers, advocating for political change and adherence to UN Resolution 2254, which calls for a political transition in Syria. The demonstration, marked by an atmosphere of unity and enthusiasm, is part of a peaceful uprising that began over two months ago due to worsening living conditions and security, also demanding Iran’s withdrawal from Syria (Syria TV). 


November 14, 2023

  1. Russian Airstrikes in Idlib Kill 34 Fighters, Wound Over 60. Russian forces conducted airstrikes in Syria’s Idlib province, resulting in the death of 34 fighters and injuring over 60. Admiral Vadim Collet of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria stated these strikes targeted illegal armed groups accused of attacking Syrian government forces. The Syrian army alleges opposition fighters in Idlib and Aleppo provinces are launching these attacks. Opposition officials claim Moscow and Damascus are intensifying bombings in the region, home to over 3 million people, amidst global focus on Gaza. Collett also mentioned violations of Syrian airspace by US-led coalition aircraft (Asharq). 
  2. Political Power Play: Al-Jolani College Merges Media and Politics in Syria. The Abu Muhammad Al-Jolani College of Political Science and Media, not officially linked to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, emerges as a significant player in Syria’s political landscape. Ahmed Muwaffaq Zaidan, a key figure in the college’s establishment, emphasizes its role in shaping future Syrian governance. The college, amidst controversies and secrecy, aims to be a breeding ground for loyalists and leaders under the banner of a new Sunni entity in Idlib, reflecting a strategic blend of military and educational influence (Syria TV).
  3.  Iranian Cargo Plane Lands at Palmyra Military Airport. An Iranian Airlines cargo plane landed at Palmyra Airport in central Syria, reportedly carrying Iranian leadership figures. This event follows information about the Iranian forces’ use of the airport, previously received by Russian Wagner forces. The cargo’s unloading and transportation were delayed due to ISIS attacks in the Homs desert. The Iranian supply routes in Syria have been impacted by recent Israeli airstrikes on Damascus and Aleppo airports. The cargo was eventually moved to warehouses along the Hama-Raqqa road and in Al-Dhahabiya, Aleppo (North Press).


November 15, 2023

  1. France Issues Arrest Warrants for Bashar al-Assad and Brother Over Chemical Weapons Use. French judges have issued arrest warrants for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his brother Maher al-Assad, and two aides on charges related to the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta, Damascus, in 2013. The warrants come after a lawsuit filed by human rights organizations, citing testimonies from survivors of the attacks. The Association of Victims of Chemical Weapons in Syria welcomed the decision, highlighting the historic move to not grant immunity to the President, as the use of chemical weapons requires direct approval from the head of state (Zaman Al Wasl). 
  2. Tension in Al-Hawl Camp as Women Arrested Following Protests. Security forces in northeastern Syria’s Al-Hawl camp detained several women who protested against the separation of their children from the camp. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been transferring children aged 12 to 15 to special centers for rehabilitation, fearing they might be influenced by ISIS ideology. The arrests come after families staged a sit-in protest (Syria TV).


November 16, 2023

  1. Iranian FM Slams US Interference in Syria; Terrorist Threats Persist. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, criticized the United States for complicating the situation in Syria through its interference. During a meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria, Geir O. Pedersen, they discussed the political developments in Syria and explored ways to resolve the country’s issues. Amirabdollahian emphasized Iran’s commitment to assisting the UN envoy’s mission and supporting the Syrian government in its fight against terrorism. He called for the lifting of US economic sanctions on Syria, describing them as harmful to the Syrian people. Pedersen outlined his efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis and reduce tensions in the region, expressing hope for a positive impact from developments in Palestine on Syria’s situation (Tasnim Agency). 
  2. Tribal Fighters Escalate Attacks on SDF, Assad Sends Reinforcements to Syrian Desert. Tribal fighters intensify assaults on SDF positions in Deir ez-Zor as clashes with Assad militia and ISIS persist in the Syrian desert. The Assad regime deploys reinforcements while military aircraft conduct airstrikes in the region. Multiple incidents result in casualties, including attacks on SDF, landmine explosions, missile bombardments, and more. Tensions escalate with potential implications for the ongoing conflict in Syria (Orient).


November 17, 2023

  1. Israeli Strikes Near Damascus Kill Two Hezbollah-Affiliated Fighters. Two individuals linked to Hezbollah were killed in Israeli airstrikes targeting areas around Damascus, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The strikes, which have increased amid regional tensions, hit a Hezbollah warehouse and other locations in the Al-Bahdalia and Sayyida Zeinab areas. The Observatory noted the deaths of two pro-Iranian fighters of non-Syrian nationality and significant material damage, including the warehouse’s destruction. Syrian air defenses claimed to have intercepted most of the missiles. These incidents are part of a series of Israeli actions in Syria, primarily targeting Iranian and Hezbollah assets (Al Hadath). 


November 23, 2023

  1. Israeli Strikes Keep Damascus and Aleppo Airports Offline. Damascus and Aleppo airports remain closed due to Israeli airstrikes for over a month, marking the longest shutdown since the conflict began in 2011. The strikes targeted Lebanon’s Hizballah, exacerbating travel challenges for Syrians. Israel has escalated attacks on Syria during heightened regional tensions (Alarabiya).
  2. Turkish Airstrikes Target Kurdish Leaders in Syria’s Hasakah. Turkish drone strikes hit the Hasakah province in northeast Syria, killing three Kurdish leaders and injuring five others from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The attacks targeted key figures and military points, escalating tensions in the region (Syria TV).
  3. Syrian Regime Lifts Security Check and Visa Requirement for Iraqis. The Syrian government removes security checks and visa requirements for Iraqi citizens at all land and sea border crossings. Iraqi travelers will now obtain a visa directly at the border entry points. The move aims to enhance economic relations, and recent diplomatic efforts indicate warming ties between Syria and Iraq (Syria TV).


November 24, 2023

  1. Iranian Militias Target American Base in Syria’s Al-Omar Oil Field. The “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” militia announced it had targeted the American base in Syria’s Al-Omar oil field with a drone, claiming a direct hit. They also reported targeting two other American bases with successful strikes in response to events in Gaza. The Pentagon revealed around 70 attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria since October 17, causing injuries to about 60 soldiers. Frustration mounts over the increasing attacks on U.S. forces in the region.
  2. Suwayda’s 100 Days of Resilience: Demanding Freedom and Change. On the 100th day of the popular uprising in Suwayda, Al Karama Square witnessed a massive gathering of demonstrators demanding freedom, political change, and the downfall of the Assad regime. Demonstrations have continued for a hundred days, with the leader of the Druze sect condemning the regime’s suppression methods. The resilient citizens are standing up for their legitimate demands for peace and change through peaceful and lawful means. 


November 28, 2023

  1. Russian Ambassador: Willing to Facilitate Turkish-Syrian Normalization Efforts. Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Alexei Erkhov, expresses readiness to support normalization between Turkey and the Assad regime. Despite some differences, the quadrilateral formula involving Russia, Turkey, Syria, and Iran aims to benefit both nations. Recent talks in Astana focused on a roadmap for official Turkish-Syrian relations, coordinated with defense and intelligence efforts. However, no progress has been made as Syria insists on Turkish troop withdrawal, a condition Turkey rejects.
  2. Escalation of Syrian Regime Strikes Targets Civilians in Northwest Syria. Syrian regime forces intensify attacks on civilians along the frontlines with opposition-held areas in northwest Syria. The Syrian Civil Defense reports targeted strikes on a civilian car, injuring a woman and child in Idlib. The regime’s systematic assaults on farmers and civilians hinder agricultural activities, signaling a new form of warfare. The frequency of targeted missile attacks has risen in recent weeks, particularly in areas where Iran-affiliated militias are present. Despite the Moscow agreement, the region faces daily Russian airstrikes and drone activities, violating the March 2020 ceasefire. The humanitarian impact is evident, with over 70 killed, 349 injured, and significant damage to health and education facilities, water networks, and infrastructure. The escalation, the largest since 2019, has displaced over 120,000 people.
  3. Security Operations in Eastern Deir al-Zour: Arrests and Raids Follow Aerial Deployment. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) carried out arrests in Deir al-Zour, supported by an international coalition aerial operation. Key figures, including “Sheikh Al-Jabal,” were detained amid speculation about ISIS affiliation. Tensions within SDF leadership and clashes in Deir al-Zour are reported, reflecting complex dynamics in the region. The SDF continues security campaigns against alleged regime affiliates, with recent captures and military operations, reinforcing their efforts against terrorism.
  4. Iranian Plane Lands in Damascus Before Israeli Airstrike. An Iranian plane landed in Damascus just hours before an Israeli airstrike, according to “Voice of the Capital.” The footage captured moments of the airstrike targeting the airport runway, revealing the presence of an Iranian aircraft linked to “Yas Air” in one of the hangars. The plane entered Syrian airspace in stealth mode, possibly transporting military equipment. Despite Syria’s silence on passenger flights, the aircraft made undisclosed trips between Tehran and Latakia from November 22 to 25. Israeli airstrikes targeted Damascus airport shortly after its reopening, following a month-long closure due to a previous Israeli attack.


November 29, 2023

  1. First Iranian Bank to Commence Operations Soon in Syria. Iran’s Central Bank Governor, Mohammad Reza Farzin, announces the imminent commencement of the first Iranian bank’s operations in Syria. Emphasizing enhanced banking cooperation, trade relations, and joint investments, the move aligns with efforts to strengthen economic ties and resolve banking issues between the two nations. 
  2. Iran Renews Denial of Involvement in Attacks on US Bases in Syria. Iran reiterates its denial of any involvement in attacks targeting U.S. bases in Syria since October. Iranian envoy to the UN, Amir Saad Irvani, refutes U.S. accusations, labeling them an intentional diversion from what Iran deems as the U.S.’s blatant violations of international law in Syria. The majority of attacks, claimed by the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq,” are closely associated with Iran and the Revolutionary Guard.
  3. 29 Countries Vote Against Chemical Weapons Ban Resolutions Condemning Syrian Regime. The Syrian Network for Human Rights reports that 29 countries, including Russia, voted against resolutions by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Many nations have filed lawsuits against the Syrian regime at the International Court of Justice for its repeated violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The report notes that the Syrian regime conducted 184 chemical weapon attacks since signing the convention in September 2013. The OPCW issued 10 resolutions aimed at dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons program, destroying production and storage facilities, safeguarding victims’ rights, and holding those responsible for chemical weapon attacks accountable.


November 30, 2023

  1. Iranian Militia Buildup in Syria and First Missile Attack on US Forces Post-Gaza Truce. Iranian militias, notably Hezbollah, have intensified their presence in central Syria, deploying to an air defense battalion in the northern countryside of Homs. This strategic move involves the transfer of significant military reinforcements and weapons. Concurrently, U.S. forces stationed on the Euphrates River in Syria were targeted by a missile attack, marking the first such incident since the Gaza truce. This attack, which fortunately resulted in no casualties or infrastructure damage, adds to the 74 attacks U.S. forces have faced since mid-October.


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