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  • The US, Turkiye, and Hamas – A Diplomatic Tightrope Leading to No Good.

Despite no confirmations that Turkiye transferred any funds to Hamas since the October 7th attack, US Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson visited Turkiye last week to express Washington’s “deep” concern about Ankara’s relations with Hamas. Turkiye’s engagement with Hamas has been a notable aspect of its foreign policy, especially since 2006 when Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections, leading to tensions with Israel and concerns from the United States and other countries that label Hamas as a terrorist organization. Nelson pointed out that Ankara had previously helped Hamas receive funding, and called on Turkiye to take strict measures against possible future transfer of funds. President Erdogan’s response demonstrates the emergence of alarming strains in American-Turkish relations. He reiterated that Turkiye’s foreign policy is based on the interests and expectations of the people. Furthermore, he maintains that Turkiye does not view Hamas as a terrorist group, adding that it is not possible to exclude Hamas from any possible solution to the conflict in Gaza. The Turkish president continued to condemn Israeli approaches as “state terrorism,”  calling Benjamin Netanyahu, “the Butcher of Gaza,” and his calls for a two-state solution. On Monday, the Turkish president stated that Netanyahu should be tried like Milosevic. Hakan Fidan, minister of Turkiye’s foreign affairs, announced that his country is preparing an initiative with main provisions that will be presented to a wider audience. The initiative stipulates different countries in the region bear the responsibility of becoming the guarantors of Israel and a Palestinian state. Fidan explained that only in this way can a lasting peace be guaranteed.

Source: Al Jazeera

Israel’s response to Erdogan was not long in coming, as its Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said – through his social media accounts – “Go ahead and host in your country the Hamas terrorists who were not eliminated and fled Gaza,” and Cohen added, “We will liberate Gaza from Hamas, for the sake of Israel’s security.” In order to create a better future for the residents of the region.”

Source: Daily News

In other news, important to Turkiye, Germany blocked the sale of the Eurofighter citing  natural gas drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Last week, Türkiye’s Defense Minister Yaşar Güler declared the nation’s intention to acquire Eurofighter jets, opting for them over the controversial F-35s from the United States. This decision follows Türkiye’s expulsion from the F-35 program in 2019, making the modernization of the country’s air force a top priority.


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