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Today’s most notable stories from the Middle East, selected by ACLS experts.
11 DECEMBER 2022

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1. The Arab-Chinese Summit:  Emphasis on Strengthening the Strategic Partnership (Al Arabiya TV). The leaders of the Arab countries, members of the League of Arab States, and China held the first Arab-Chinese summit on Friday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the aim of developing relations between the Arab and Chinese sides in various fields.

2. The Houthi militia talks about a new Emirati “tactic” in Yemen and vows to thwart it (Yemen Now News).  The Houthi militia imposed more restrictions on the travel of young men to the city of Aden, the interim capital of Yemen.


3. Iran Criticizes Chinese President’s Remarks During His Visit to Saudi Arabia (Alalam TV).  [The office of Iranian President Raisi] said that the Chinese colleagues should remember that when Saudi Arabia and America supported the “ISIS” and al-Qaeda organizations in Syria and destroyed Yemen with brutal military aggression, it was Iran that fought against the terrorists to establish stability and security in the region and [ensure] that terrorism does not spread.

4. Iran Summons China’s Envoy Over Joint Statement With GCC (Iran International).
Iran summoned China’s envoy in Tehran to express unhappiness over a joint statement issued at a meeting between President Xi Jinping and regional Arab states.
China’s Xi visited Saudi Arabia this week and also met members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, followed by a joint statement in which the issue of three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf was mentioned as a claim pursued by the United Arab Emirates.

5. Iran’s Battered Currency Drops To A New Historic Low (Iran International).
The Iranian currency rial dropped to a new historic low Saturday amid popular protests, strikes and a government determination to use force against all opposition.

6. Amnesty:  Protest Deaths Of Under-18s Mainly In Iran’s Sunni Regions (Iran International). Forty-four under-18s–children and teenagers–had been killed either as protestors or bystanders, [Amnesty International] said Friday.


7. Arab World Celebrates Morocco’s Historic World Cup Quarterfinals Victory Over Portugal (Al Jazeera).  The Moroccan national team inflamed the enthusiasm of the Arabs, who went out in several cities and capitals of the world to celebrate the historic qualification of the Atlas Lions for the semi-finals of the World Cup.


8. Syria’s Newest Mobile Operator Has a Hidden Link to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (Observatory of Political and Economic Networks).  Syria’s newest mobile operator is partly owned by a Malaysian company with multiple links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.


9. Turkey Calls on Russia to Implement its Commitments Regarding “YPG” in Syria (Anadolu Agency).  In its political consultations with Russia, Turkey has renewed its aspirations to implement the provisions of the memorandum of understanding signed with Moscow regarding the terrorist organization ‘PKK/YPG’ in Syria.”

10. James Jeffrey: How the United States Can Compromise with Turkey to Avert a Syria Incursion (Foreign Policy).  Washington should build on past three-way Turkey-U.S.-SDF arrangements to put a real offer on the table.


11. Prime Minister Mikati Meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at Arab-Chinese Summit in Riyadh (Lebanon Files).  Mikati said: “Lebanon is looking forward to more Chinese investments in Lebanon, especially in the field of infrastructure, in which China has extensive experience.”


12. 5 Years Since the Victory…”Shocking” Numbers Detailing Iraq’s Losses during the “ISIS” War (Alsumaria TV).  The losses were distributed in the areas controlled by ISIS in the 7 governorates, where the government losses are estimated at 36 billion dollars.

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